SKYERZ Air Sky Dancers

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Welcome to SKYERZ Air Sky Dancers

After several years of creating, distributing and marketing various types of fans, blowers through our affiliate site, we have further created an online marketplace to offer various advertising options through the ever popular interactive use of Air Sky Dancers. Air Sky Dancers have become very popular over the years and have expanded in areas of use, which has been the primary reason why we have extended our offering through this specific site to buy Air Sky Dancers in wholesale pricing and quantities.


What's a SKYER?


Skyers, Air Sky Dancers, also known as fly guys, air sky dancers, advertising balloons, dancing air tube men... are aerodynamic dancing inflatables made of lightweight parachute like fabrics when powered by high velocity electric fans it causes the tube to move in a dancing or flailing motion. They are great advertising tool that draw attention and drive traffic to retail businesses, trade shows, sale events, car dealerships, used auto lots, gas stations, furniture stores, restaurants or any type of establishments you can think of, they also add fun and fantasy to events to entertain and capture any audience.


More Traffic or Money Back!


We are very confident that our SKYER air sky dancers will generate a minimum of 30% gain in foot traffic the first day you power it on, or we give you full refund no questions asked. We assure you will be purchasing more units as you set up the first air sky dancer, we see it happen all the time, the more you display the more you attract thus the more foot traffic you generate to your store. See terms.